The Upstate film industry is growing!  With it is the need for a basic production infrastructure. An essential piece of that infrastructure is a Production Assistant (PA) workforce. A PA is the the entry level position in the film industry. A PA's tasks are varied from driving vehicles, to going on runs, to making sure a street stays clear for a shot. The difference between a good PA and a bad PA is the difference between a good shoot and a bad one.


The PA Institute seeks to utilize the success and popularity of the Youth FX film program and expand it's programming to provide an employment training program for individuals 18 - 30 years old to fill what will soon be a growing need in the area. Our objective is to:

  • Provide participants with training and placement into entry-level positions in the film and digital media industry
  • Promote diversity within the Capital District's Creative Economy workforce
  • Provide a resource and incentive to new productions in the region

The Next PA Institute Will Take Place in Winter 2018

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