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Who Got NeXt: A Youth FX Program of Short Films

August’s FREE Basilica Non-Fiction Screening Series event will will feature short narrative films and documentaries made by the young filmmakers of Albany’s Youth FX.The screening will be followed by a Q&A with the filmmakers and program directors.

Explore the documentary genre through screenings and dialogue with visiting directors with a season of FREE public screenings, programmed in collaboration with NeXt Doc – a program of Youth FX and the Logan Non-Fiction Program.

We are thrilled to partner with Youth FX. Cultivating the voices of young people is more crucial than ever, and Youth FX’s commitment to nurturing and inspiring the next generation of filmmakers is deeply aligned in Basilica’s commitment to independent voices in film. Through programs like NeXt Doc, they help ensure that real-life voices are empowered to tell their own stories through the language of cinema.