Week three of Youth FX summer 2016 saw us in and out of the pre-production phase of 6 narrative short films that will be produced in the coming weeks. In particular, this week was focused heavily on teamwork. Each of the six narrative short film group's was assigned an Assistant Director (AD) to help organize and direct the production process. Core members of each group spent most of the week drafting and re-drafting scripts, meeting in larger groups and doing table reads. Another important part of the process was assigning crew to each film, based on the specific film. For example, the film “Eliza” is one of the more complex films dialogue wise, this forced that group too heavily consider using a full sound crew for their shoot. Another film we are working on this year is about Zombies that invade a high school. The obvious challenge for that group was locking down a makeup team and finding a school to film in.

While films were being produced, our music guru, Gaetano was working with a group of music-focused people on writing songs and finishing scratch tracks in preparation for the studio sessions happening week 4. 

Even as music was heating up our documentary projects this year was kicking off production. Doc topics range from people's biggest fears to their opinions on the state of women in video games. 

Overall this week served as a precursor to the real work with begins week four when full production begins. If all goes as planned this year of Youth FX is on pace to be the most productive in history.